Delta 52 One-Sided Automatic Laminator

#EKFL3952 Delta 52 One-Sided Automatic Laminator

The Komfi Delta 52 is a compact automated one-sided laminator designed for middle and high-volume jobs. Sheet feeding is performed automatically using a Komfi-designed feeding head, a system of guiding plates strengthens thin paper before lamination to help prevent wrinkling, and a sheet misfeed sensor protects against film sticking to the pressure roll. Film spread rollers prevent folds, the sheet overlap is adjustable electronically even during machine run, and key operation parameters are entered via a touch screen. The Delta combines its many features of feeding, laminating, and stacking to make a robust and reliable solution for non-stop production of on-demand and commercial lamination applications.

Product #EKFL3952

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Delta 52
Max. speed of lamination:
115 ft/min
Max. output of the feed. head:
3180 sheets/hour (20" x 26")
Min. sheet dimensions:
8” x 8”
Max. sheet dimensions:
21.3” x 29.9”
Paper weight:
60 lb. text - 18 pt cover
Film thickness:
1.0 - 2.2 mil
Laminating Film Types:
OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up
(25÷100 °C):
Approx. 3 min
Sheet overlap accuracy
(at constant laminating speed):
Machine dimensions incl. table
105"L x 49"W x 57"H
Machine Weight
1900 lbs