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Thanksgiving Hours



The FALCON B1 is an industrial laminator designed for long runs at maximum efficiency, allowing you to laminate up to 4,000 sheets per hour!


Do you have laminating or binding questions? Check our NEW Resource Manual for assistance!  

Leading Edge offers a vast knowledge of the print industry, and has made that information available to you! Check our new Resouce Manual for trouble shooting guides and general infomation on laminating and binding supplies and equipment. 

Click here to view and download the resouce manual! 

BINDAPLY Wire Spools

BINDAPLY wire is a durable and lead free product designed to give your projects a professional look. Are you using BINDAPLY wire binding spools for your binding projects? 



Would you like to receive a free sample and learn more about our LAMAPLY FeatherTOUCH speciality film? Click here to request futher information.